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: )
13 March 2011 @ 06:01 pm

Has anyone seen i.d? (There's no tag for it!)
I was fully expecting it to be something I'd watch once then give away -- as most films are for me -- but it was £3 in HMV, so if I did it wouldn't really matter. I didn't say what one of the reasons for picking it up was because I knew what would be said (he isn't credited), but at £3 you can't go wrong really. I was pleasantly surprised – I loved it.

Maybe I'm watching it through a Life On Mars prism (lovely bronze squad car, gritty hand-held feel to it, cops – he's one -- calling people “nonces” etc = YEAH!!) but if I wanted to watch LoM I would. I’ve seen quite a bit of PG's stuff now & I’ve got to be honest –- I much prefer this to stuff like Cranford (even though I really like the old song in that) He might've been why I originally wanted to see it, but i.d is so good I forget he's there half the time.

I have to say, as with a lot of old stuff i.d's sound is pretty bad -- I needed the subtitles on & the sound up quite loud even though my hearing's fine. The subtitles are politer than the film!

I find myself singing Shadwell FC's chants sometimes & when I see 2 friends of mine we always quote from it. Oh dear.

It's available on Amazon UK & Amazon dot com so you should be fine.